Ray Nedzel

Ray Nedzel
Webmaster 2000
Digital Communications
3123 McKim Hall
PO Box 800796
Email: raynedzel@virginia.edu
Tel: (434) 924-1668

About Me:

Ray Nedzel is the webmaster for the School of Medicine.

When he is not doing great web things at UVA he is engaged in many activities in the community. You may have seen him:

On stage at Live Arts.
Off stage at Live Arts.
Producting plays at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe
The Ref at CLAW – Charlottesville Lady Arm Wresting
Helping build and maintain the Rivanna Trail
On the Appalachian Trail
Planting trees
Running the Charlottesville 10-miler

Stop by and say hi.

Ray will always, any time of the day, be willing to get a coffee and talk.