Robert Pastor

Robert Pastor
Manager of Enterprise Architecture
Software Development and Implementation
McKim Hall G043
Tel: 434.243.8734

About Me:

I took a wrong turn in Albuquerque 20 years ago and ended up in IT.  Studying the propaganda of WWII Bugs Bunny cartoons as a Political Science/Economics undergraduate led to examining Shakespeare’s Henry V and Richard III as a Creative Writing graduate.  Shakespeare led to Chaucer which led to creating electronic editions of 800 year old texts… which led to Y2K work (yuck), building web applications, system architecture, and, finally, to here.

Over the last 8 years, I’ve helped developed the SOMWorkflow, the Pay for Teaching model and a myriad of other applications that help the SOM run.  My team specializes in creating configurable/reusable applications that can be used to streamline processes and generate the data to keep the School of Medicine moving forward.  We’ll soon be working on a revamp of the existing student systems and expanding the Workflow to provide service to the entire University.

My office is filled with books about Chuck Jones, Akira Kurosawa, Shakespeare, Beowulf, Monty Python, and, yes, technology.  Feel free to come by and talk about Branagh vs Olivier or JAVA vs ASP.NET.