MUDA (Waste)

Waste, or MUDA, is most often found in the following areas:


Transport People, equipment, supplies, etc., are note at the right place at the right time.
Inventory More materials on hand than are required to do the work; overstocked medications, supplies on units or in warehouses
Motion Movement of people that does not add value, looking for information, materials, people, materials located far from work
Confusion People doing the work are not confident about the best way to perform tasks, same task performed different ways, unclear treatment orders
Waiting Idle time when people, information, equipment or materials are not at hand, waiting for others for transport, procedure, surgeries, report, etc.
Over-production Redundant work; duplicate charting, multiple forms with same information, copies of information/reports sent automatically, even when not needed
Over-Processing Activities that do not add value from the patient/customer perspective, clarifying orders/tasks, redundant information gathering, regulatory paperwork
Defects Work that contains errors or lacks something of value; treatment errors, rework, variation in outcomes, incorrect charges
Under-Utilized Talent Skilled employees are not able to use their abilities to add value to the work.