Process Analysis

Image of very complex value stream analysis

Value Stream Example

“A value stream is all the actions (both value added and non-value added) currently required to bring a product through the main flows essential to every product: (1) the production flow from raw material into the arms of the customer, and (2) the design flow from concept to launch.” ( Rother, Mike, and John Shook. Learning to See: Value Stream Mapping to Create Value and Eliminate Muda. Version 1.2. ed. Brookline, MA: Lean Enterprise Institute, 2003. Print.)

As a project team, we will examine your value stream to identify areas for process improvement.

Image of Root Cause Analysis Basics. Looks like a cross section of a plant in soil. Shows plant and roots. From bottom up: he underlying causes-the root, below the surface. Symptom of the problem - the weed, above the surface.

The word root, in root cause analysis, refers to the underlying causes, not the one cause.

Since process improvement is the focus of project management in the School of Medicine, all projects begin with a current state map. Bottlenecks are identified, and then a Root Cause Analysis is performed to understand the reasons behind that bottleneck. The symptom of the problem is dissected to find the underlying system flaw. “Why” is asked until the underlying causes of the problem are known.

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