Recent Projects

Information Technologies participates to varying degrees in all projects and is currently providing significant support to the following:

  • Clinical Faculty Hiring Process Improvement: This project seeks to reduce the amount of time it takes to traverse the hiring process from an average of 72 days to an average of 25 days, reduce the number of defects and rework, and increase employee and Clinical Faculty satisfaction.
  • ICD-10: The ICD-10 standard quadruples the number of diagnosis codes while reconfiguring them into a different system of nomenclature.  There are approximately 100 software applications that will need to be modified to accommodate this change.
  • Accountable Care Organization: UVA is working toward an Accountable Care Organization (ACO). We have been partnering with Aetna to evaluate our current IT capabilities in light of the capabilities necessary to enable and support required ACO processes.
  • Revenue Cycle: Working with the Medical Center to structure an implementation of Epic Revenue Cycle. Included in the scope of this initiative is the replacement of both the Hospital and Physician billing systems as well as the replacement of our scheduling and registration system.
  • Clarity Budgeting System: We are working to ensure that the system that supports UPG and the SOM joint budgeting and financial reporting functions is responsive to the needs of its stakeholders.
  • Responsive Website Design: The School of Medicine, UPG, and Health System Technology Services are redesigning their websites so that content is delivered based on the screen size of the device requesting it. This will enhance our website visitors’ experience and increase the reach of our communications.
  • Mobile Application Deployment Capability: We are working to develop a capability that will enable us to unleash innovation by deploying faculty-developed mobile applications in a manner that is compliant with relevant security and privacy policies and regulations.
  • Medical Education Analytics/LCME Accreditation:  In collaboration with Medical Education, we are working to provide a consistent and integrated view of applicants and students as a resource for decision makers. When complete it will provide critical metrics for use in tracking continuous improvement and the data necessary for us to satisfy the LCME accreditation process.
  • Project Management: We are developing and implementing a unified approach to project delivery that includes standard processes for project portfolio management and project execution. We have reviewed a number of technical solutions and are piloting two as part of the selection process.
  • Pay for Teaching:  We are working with the Curriculum Committee and Finance team to develop the core model and reports needed to quantify teaching effort down to the individual faculty and student levels so  the School of Medicine  can meet the challenges of the new Next Gen Curriculum, reward our faculty for their efforts, and provide the data needed for continued accreditation.
  • Lean Process Engineering: In an effort to streamline our business processes, we have engaged with partners across the Health System to establish a conversation regarding waste and continuous improvement. We have adopted Lean on a number of projects and have provided training to groups at UPG, the SOM and the Emily Couric Cancer Center.
  • Faculty Activity Reporting: In order The Provost’s office has engaged with the SOM in the development and implementation of an application that will automate the collection and distribution of faculty activity across the university. The goal is to promote collaboration, reduce the administrative burden on faculty applying for grants, and make the promotion and tenure process easier for faculty to navigate.
  • Device Encryption: In order to mitigate the risk of a HIPAA violation, we are working with HSTS and ITS to develop a comprehensive approach toward device encryption. We are completing work on policy, technology and educational initiatives that will reduce the likelihood of a privacy breach.